Monthly Archives: March 2017

Our Newest Offering: Out-App Billing

Out-App Billing is our brand new offering. This system allows apps to sell their digital goods like how caller tunes and ring tones are sold. FYI, the caller tunes/ring tones market is estimated to be a Rs.30K Crore per annum.

Once you set up your projects, you can target your users when they are out-side the app. You can do it via email campaigns or leverage the built-in SMS campaign system. We have noticed that for high quality in-app goods, our system has an extremely high conversion rate. Try it out on dittoTV (India’s best live streaming app) by sending TV3 to 52409.

Any app on any platform can use this system. Since the purchases occur outside the app, they are not in-app purchases, and hence not covered under any policy regarding in-app purchase.