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Case Study: Login without a username and password

Holding phone

Can you imagine a website where users do not need a username and password to access their account? Where they sign-in automatically with their phone number? How awesome would that be?

A system that does not ask users for too many details is refreshing. Sign-up friction is reduced and user privacy is respected.

Yippster launched this solution for one of its clients last year. Users purchased a one day, one week, or a one month access pack. On making a purchase, an account is created automatically with the phone number used for purchase, automatically logging the user in and access granted for the purchased period. It worked irrespective of whether the user was on carrier network or Wifi. Astonished users would often call in and ask us how they were able to access their account without a username and password!

For the users it was a never-before experience, with average sign in time being 1 second, and no obligation to remember(or forget!) yet another login name and password. Checks were put in to avoid accidental repeat purchases. Our client saw less user dropouts, without maintaining a separate user login database.